5 Good Reasons You Should Insure Your New Pet

5 Good Reasons You Should Insure Your New Pet

Investing in a pet is a big decision and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. After all, cats and dogs live for twelve to eighteen years on average and birds can live several decades. Any creature brought into your home becomes part of your family and you want to treat them as such.

But what does litter box training or playing fetch have to do with pet insurance?

Is insurance on our pets really necessary?

1. Peace of Mind

Let’s face it, many of us purchase a pet or take one in without being fully prepared for the emotional journey our new furry or feathered friend will inflict upon our hearts. They quickly become a member of the family, leaving you to worry about their health and well-being as if Fido were a one of the children. In fact, pets begin very quickly to understand the family language as it pertains to their care. They know when you’re about to give them a bath, they start hovering around looking at the clock when it’s time for a feed and make sure they give plenty of gentle reminders so you don’t forget to feed them! They can sense your moods and react accordingly. Having insurance for your pet eases your mind and allows you to be a more relaxed caretaker to your furry or feathered friend.

2. Affordable Vet Bills

New pets, like children, can be very accident prone. Due to said accidents, attacks by other animals or in the event they are able to get loose and end up on the road possibly being hit or run over, pets sometimes need expensive surgical procedures and long term follow-up care. When Fido swallows the nail clippers or Tweety breaks a wing, not only will it often occur after hours, it’s also going to carry a cost (sometimes into the thousands of dollars). Having pet insurance for such things allows you to take care of the situation how you want to, without hesitation or draining your wallet.

3. Decreases Early Euthanasia

Besides the possibility of accidents, there is also the chance your pet will become sick. Cancer and other various medical disorders are not unknown among pets. Long term treatment or daily medication may be required for a healthy lifespan. Nothing is more heartbreaking than having to choose euthanasia rather than giving your little pet, a.k.a. family member, a fighting chance for a full recovery. But euthanasia is often the case when finances simply don’t allow for the pricey surgery and the follow-up care required.

4. Tailored Plans Available

Depending on your specific requirements and budget, insurance plans are more than affordable. If you do your research and shop around, it should be possible to find a plan to accommodate both your needs and your budget. Generally you have the choice of a comprehensive plan covering regular care or choose cover for emergency procedures only. A small monthly premium is usually pretty manageable and is actually a lot easier than trying to come up with a hefty sum for a vet bill when its needed.

5. Shows Responsibility

Finally, purchasing pet health insurance for your pets is simply the responsible thing to do. After all you never know what is just around the corner. Let’s be honest here when it comes to health you’re covered, your children are covered, so why not Fido and Tweety?

What about your pets, are they covered? We’d love to hear your reasons both for and against covering your pets.

Anna JohnsonAnna Johnson

Anna Johnson works on the marketing team and blogs for Petplan. Anna is herself a pet lover and is Mum to a gorgeous West Highland Terrier named Harvey The Dog, and two human monsters. Anna enjoys sharing her thoughts and experience around pets with others.