20 Ways to Help Dogs in Your Community Today

20 Ways to Help Dogs in Your Community Today

As dog lovers we all want to help dogs lead healthier, happier, and safer lives – both our dogs as well as dogs at risk or in need of assistance. But it is easy to get overwhelmed and not know where to start or how to help.

Here are 20 simple ways to help dogs in your community today!

Have Fun, Help Dogs – Here’s How!

  1. Adopt or foster a dog from a shelter or breed rescue.
  2. Volunteer to walk a dog for a senior citizen in your neighborhood.
  3. Host a party and ask guests to bring a donation for a shelter or rescue.
  4. Buy and deliver pet food to your local food kitchen for homeless pet owners.
  5. Hold a supply drive for a local shelter.
  6. Deliver pet food to senior citizens and others who are unable to get out regularly.
  7. Volunteer to take photographs of adoptable dogs in shelters and rescues and share widely.
  8. Use cruelty-free cleaning products and cosmetics that have not been tested on animals.
  9. Provide hospice care for a sick or elderly shelter dog.
  10. Volunteer to help with dog transport.
  11. Share your dog’s rescue story on social media to inspire others to rescue a dog.
  12. Teach your children how to interact with dogs safely.
  13. Set up a pet food pantry in your church, school, or synagogue.
  14. Never leave your dog unattended in a car, outside a store or anywhere else that might put them at risk. If you see other dogs in danger, do something.
  15. Deliver food, collars, and blankets to homeless pet owners in your community.
  16. Read lost pet signs and help lost dogs find their way home.
  17. Keep an extra leash, collar and some food in your trunk in case you find a stray or lost dog.
  18. Always report cruelty, abuse, and neglect to the appropriate authorities.
  19. If your dog is a good fit, sign up for a pet therapy program.
  20. Make an emergency plan for your dogs. Keep extra food, meds, leashes, vaccine records, first-aid kit, etc. on hand in case of emergency. Make sure your dog is microchipped with your current address and is wearing easy to read tags with contact information in case you are separated.

Have other suggestions of ways to help dogs? Please share in the comments!

Kristin AveryKristin Avery

Kristin Avery is a writer and photographer with an extensive background in philanthropy and a life-long passion for animal welfare. Her blog, The Daily Pip, is an award-winning, lifestyle pet blog providing resources, support, and humor for rescue families. She was recently honored with two BlogPaws Nose-to-Nose Social Media Awards this year: Best Cause Blog and Best Written Blog Post.

Kristin received her MFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago where she studied creative writing as well as installation and visual arts. After graduation, she was a founding member of Red Door Animal Shelter, a no-kill shelter for cats, dogs, and rabbits in Chicago. She enjoys working with local Chicago shelters and also recently spent several days at Best Friends Animal Society volunteering at Quincy House with cats with severe special needs including paralysis. Through her blog and volunteer work, she encourages and advocates for rescue and adoption, especially for those animals considered less adoptable. She currently shares her home with one dog, one rabbit, two cats, a husband and 10-year-old daughter.