10 Ways to Get You and Your Dog’s Fitness on This Winter

10 Ways to Get You and Your Dog’s Fitness on This Winter

Freezing cold wind, icy cold feet/paws, frostbite, and just downright brrrrrrrrr!

Winter, as gorgeous as it is seeing our world covered in a gorgeous blanket of white, let’s face it, hibernation during these months is something both we and our pets can relate to.

So what do we do during the winter?

Normally a good cuddle on the couch with our pets and a favorite movie is top of the list. BUT… what about keeping up with exercise? Both mental and physical stimulation is still needed to maintain health and overall well being of our dogs as well as us human folk. So today, I will share 10 ways to get you and your dog’s fitness on this winter!

  1. Indoor games with your dog. Anything from tug-of-war to fetch. Although be careful with the fetch, just a short toss to keep your pup entertained.
  2. Stairs can be a great tool for exercise. For you, head up and down the stairs a few times, move a little faster each time. For your pooch, try throwing a ball up the stairs to entice him to go up and chase it!
  3. Treadmills. Take this winter to train your dog to walk on a treadmill.Dogs actually love this with proper training, although at first they may seem a little reluctant to jump on the machine. After your dog has had enough, take the treadmill for a spin yourself!
  4. Laser pointers. While this may not provide exercise for you, it can entertain both dogs and cats for hours!
  5. Pet fun squats – work on your squats, but include your dog! Have his favorite ball in hand, assume the squat position, As you go down, tap your dog with the ball gently, then as you stand back up, raise the ball up allowing your dog to jump for it.
  6. Doga! Dog included yoga. This one is super cool you guys, and fun to learn!
  7. Feel like getting out in the cold? Play fetch with your dog using snowballs!
  8. Take a nice morning snow hike with your pooch. Dress warm!
  9. Try your hand at intervals. This will help you keep warm during cold winter walks. One minute walk- 20 second jog, rinse and repeat. Mix it up a little by adding some side shuffles in!
  10. Sign up for an agility or dog swimming class this winter. This gets you both out of the house during the cold months, but allows you to get some good exercise in the warmth.

Above all else, remember that winter can be fun for you and your dog. While staying indoors curled up by the fire is appealing, don’t forget to let your inner child out, and go jump in some snow banks with your furry family member!

Jenna DradyJenna Drady

Jenna Drady is the author and creator of ownedbyahusky.ca. She is a mother of two beautiful daughters and 3 Siberian Huskies. Being a husky mom for a long duration of her life, Jenna was inspired to begin writing about them. In doing so, she began doing massive research on dog behavior, and all things dog in general. Jenna is inspired everyday by her family, and loves to bring her readers valuable information as well as a little humor too! Jenna has created her own business partnered with her lovely mother while blogging called Pawz N Clawz Jewelry N Things. They currently sell handmade jewelry with added pet charms, as well as a few dog toys too! As an animal rights activist, and huge believer in helping pets who have been stuck in shelters, they donate a portion of their sales to local shelters throughout Canada.