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Where to Shop With Your Dog: 8 Dog Approved Stores

By ToriMistick. | Activities for Your Dog

You've seen it before, the signs that say "No Dogs Allowed." For all the businesses that don't allow our fur kids to visit, there are just as many that will welcome your dog with open arms (and a few treats).

  Shop in Dog Friendly Stores: Where to Go and Enjoy Your Time With Your Pet Dogs These are a few of my favorite places to take my dog Lucy when I want to run some errands or hang out with friends, but don't want to leave her behind. These are all free-standing stores that I visit, if they are located inside of a mall, you'll want to check that the mall property allows pets, too. And if shopping isn't your thing, check out the last pick on this list with no shopping or errands required!

1. Home Depot & Lowes

I love taking my dog with me when I'm buying a few home improvement essentials. With big wide aisles, there's plenty of room to walk without the fear of knocking anything over. And if you ever have a hard time getting a salesperson's attention, I guarantee your dog will have employees running over for a few pets and they'll be happy to help you with your project!

2. Anthropologie

The Antropologie store near my house is so dog friendly that they hosted a pet rescue event at the store this month! I would avoid the home wares section if you have a big dog with an excited tail, but the rest of the store is great. I also love the big fitting rooms, plenty of room for me and Lucy to go in together!

3. Gap

If you're stocking up on t-shirts and denim, the Gap is a very dog friendly store. See if you can get the family fitting room so your dog has plenty of room to stretch out while you try a few things on.

4. Lululemon

We can't walk past Lululemon without stopping in for a few cuddles, and a treat! The girls who work at our nearest location just love saying hello to Lucy. Plus, I can pick up some new stylish dog walking clothes for when I take Lucy on more athletic walks.

5. Sephora

Lucy always comes along if I need to pop into my favorite cosmetics store. I'll leave her at home if I'm getting my makeup done by one of the Sephora artists, but for a quick visit she's always welcome!

6. Local Boutiques

There are so many local stores where dogs are welcome, too! Since locally owned stores tend to be smaller than the chains, be very careful that your dog doesn't knock anything over. I always pop my head in and ask permission before charging in with a dog, and 9 times out of 10 they say come on in!

7. Banks

I actually wait to do anything at the bank until I can take Lucy with me, that's how much she loves going there! And it's no wonder why, they give her three or four treats when we come in! I've also seen people go through the bank drive through with their dog in the car and the teller will send treats out to you. This definitely makes banking way more enjoyable!

8. Micro Breweries

I promised an option that involves no shopping! Local micro breweries are one of my favorite places to take my dog. Most of them are dog friendly as long as they don't prepare and serve food on the premises. Not only can you hang out with your dog on the patio area, but many breweries allow your dog to go inside, making it a great year round place to take your dog! Where is your favorite place to shop with your dog? Shop in Dog Friendly Stores and Dog Seat Covers: Cargo, Dog Bed Liner, Bed Cover: 30% Off Premium Seat Covers

tori mistickTori Mistick

Tori Mistick is a fashion obsessed dog mom living in Pittsburgh, PA. She created her blog Wear Wag Repeat as a destination for fashion, home décor, recipes and DIY content for fellow stylish dog moms. Wear Wag Repeat's Chief Taster, Lucy, is always on hand to make sure Tori's projects are Lab tested and approved. She's especially fond of these Gourmet Pupcakes! New to Wear Wag Repeat is a YouTube channel with regular DIY tutorial videos. Most recently, Tori created stylish concrete dog bowl holders, check out the video and see how easy they were to make!


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