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3 Must-Know Tips for Fighting a Flea Infestation

Flea on Your Pet Dog and How to Eliminate ItSome sources say that "for every flea that you find in your home, there are statistically about 80 others hidden from your sight."

This means by the time you spot your first flea you may be under a full-on hidden invasion! These minute, pesky biters feast on your pets' (and family's!) blood. Once the tiny flea feeds, the darn rascal can live up to a full year without another meal. So you will want to take action to eradicate the flea circus before it sets up camp in big numbers. Below are tips from Vet Organics for controlling a full-out flea infestation:

Track Down the Source

Chances are that your dog or cat trotted the fleas piggy-back style into your home, so start with your pet first. Fleas snuggle comfortably right down into your pet's body hair and start biting when they get hungry. Plus the female fleas find your pooch or kitty a perfect place to lay their eggs. Flea on Your Pet and How to Eliminate ItIf you're observant (and your pet has light hair), you may spot fleas on your pet's hair or jumping up on your own ankles. You might notice your dog or cat is scratching more than usual.  A good way to check for fleas and help eliminate them manually is by getting a good flea comb. Natural flea-killing shampoos, or any of our options for natural flea control for your cat or dog to eliminate the problem at the source. If you choose a store-bought remedy, make sure to buy the correct amount for your pet's size. Any fleas that jump back on your clean buddy after his treatment should die.

Wash Everything

Fleas can jump off your pet and onto your furniture, clothes, and your pet's bedding. Anything that may have come in contact with your pet during his flea outbreak should be washed in hot water. This won't necessarily kill the fleas, but they should be shaken up and ejected when the water drains. Dry everything on high heat to kill all the remaining eggs. Sprinkle natural, unrefined, food grade diatomaceous earth on your carpets. This chalky powder is nontoxic for us and our pets, but dries out the skin of the fleas so they die. Just vacuum up the residue the next day. Remember: Diatomaceous earth doesn't work on flea eggs. If you notice fleas a few weeks after your initial application, repeat the process. The dust from diatomaceous earth can be irritating if inhaled; be careful about over-applying or making a mess. Do not buy the diatomaceous earth that's made for swimming pool filters either; this stuff is too finely ground and can cause chronic inflammation in your lungs. Steam cleaning your carpets and upholstery will also get rid of flea eggs.

Keep Fleas Away

Turn down the temperature in your house"”fleas like warm, humid environments. The cold air will make them seek out your pet, and your pet's flea treatment will eliminate them. Keep the grass in your yard cut short so the sun's rays warm up and kill flea larvae. Watering your yard also drowns larvae. Fleas also don't like eucalyptus or cedar mulch. Regularly bathing your best friend and his bedding will keep you on top of a flea infestation before it gets out of hand. Luckily enough, there are plenty of natural options to control fleas so your buddy doesn't have to suffer from itchy bites any longer. Flea Infestation and Dog Seat Covers: Cargo, Dog Bed Liner, Bed Cover: 30% Off Premium Seat Covers
ann shea (craig davis)Craig Davis Craig Davis, CEO and Chief Happiness Officer at Craig is the founder of Vet Organics, where he and his team share additional pet-related articles on the company's blog. Vet Organics is an eCommerce provider of EcoEars and an array of premium natural products dedicated to the health and wellness of pets.


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