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10 Interesting Facts You May Not Know About Canines

DogsCanines and Character of Dogs are unique, fun animals, and most pet owners will agree that they really brighten our days.

We probably know just about everything about our dogs' personalities, but you might be surprised about just how much you didn't know about dogs!  Like, dogs have twice as many muscles for moving their ears as humans, and that they use them to make more than 100 facial expressions. Pretty cool, right? Here are some other fun facts you might not know about canines: 1. Some small breed dogs' stomachs are the size of a walnut! 2. The average dog is as smart a two-year-old! Canines are capable of performing simple mathematical calculations, and of understanding up to 250 words and gestures. 3. Just as a fingerprint is used to identify us, a dog's nose print can be used to identify him/her. 4. Dogs are the only animals in the animal kingdom that can read the emotions on your face just like humans. 5. Ever wonder why your dog circles his bed before he lies down? In the wild, this motion helps to flatten tall grass and turn it into a comfy sleep spot. 6. Dogs can get hiccups just like us, and for the same reasons - drinking/eating too fast, anxiety, fear or excitement. 7. Dogs see in color! It's a common misconception that all dogs are colorblind. However, they don't see as many colors or as sharp or vividly as we do. 8. Dogs will eat just about anything, even the trash! It might be because they only have about 1,700 taste buds as opposed to the 9,000 of humans. 9. Dogs aren't that fond of hugs. Although every dog reacts differently, some really dislike a limb thrown over them because they see it as a sign of dominance. Others will tolerate a hug, but would much prefer a good rump scratch! 10. It can be quite annoying when you're busy cleaning around the house or trying to get ready for the day and your dog is underfoot, but it's just their way of telling you they love you. When your dog leans into you, take a second to return the gesture before going about your way. If you enjoyed these facts, check out these other lists: 10 Things Humans Do That Dogs Hate and 21 Facts About Dogs.


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Puppy misadventure

My 8 month old lab puppy ate something and it required a trip to the vet. They administered peroxide to induce vomiting. He seemed unaffected by the entire experience and after waiting 45 minutes with no results, we were sent home. Naturally, he threw up in the car on the way home. I had recently bought the split rear seat cover. It saved the back seat of my car and cleaned up beautifully. I can only imagine how the cloth seat would have absorbed the odor and stain without the protection of the seat cover. Buying your seat cover was the smartest decision I've made. Love the hammock option.

Christine Cooley

XL rear seat hammock cover

I own a 2015 Toyota Tundra CrewMax. I was concerned that the XL seat cover wouldn't be big enough for our pups. However, after installing it easily, our pups took to it immediately! Ellie loved the hammock part that comes off the seat a little and slept in it on one of our most recent road trips.

JP Nelson

Perfect Fit!

We had fallen back to just putting a sheet over our seats as our Bernese Mountain Dog and our cars never found a perfect match with any of the seat covers we tried until this front seat cover. We immediately put in an order for the backseat cover from 4Knines to give our BMD more room.

Erin Allen

Service dog approved

It works awsom n my dog Mr Malachi S.D loves it n 4 me bn disabled it's so easier to keep my seat clean know thank u awsome product..

Dave Clark

Perfect seat cover- just what I was looking for

I ordered the Split Rear Back Seat Cover - Grey Regular Fitted - Non Hammock option for my 1999 Ford F-150 pickup truck. It fits perfectly in the front seat. Easy to take off and on and looks beautiful.

Miriam Hudgins

Great product awesome customer service

Well made look forward to many years of use. Door protectors do there job. Thanks

Danny Medinas

Geeat fit, great product, great service

Got these much faster than other products I have ordered online. The fit is wonderful, even in my little Corolla, and the installation was really easy. Hair does NOT stick to these covers.I love them!


Customer Service

I ordered a dog cover for my rear seat. When I placed it, one of the straps was not holding tight so I sent an email to the company that day. I received an immediate response and an immediate replacement. I was so impressed! I love the no hammock cover. It's perfect!

Sylvia Morrison

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