Waterproof Dog Bed Liners

$ 34.99

Waterproof Dog Bed Cover

$ 34.99

Do you have a dog with incontinence or bladder issues?  Or are you simply trying to protect your expensive dog beds from the usual wear and tear?  This durable dog bed liner is meant to keep your dogs bed clean and dry on the inside.  Stop throwi... Read More

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Spoiling your dog with a great dog bed is something all of us dog lovers try to do.  4Knines Dog Bed Liners will help protect your dog's bed, making it last longer.  We developed these liners after our young little girl developed some incontinence issues causing us to throw away multiple expensive dog beds.  We searched for a bed liner that would protect her bed from these accidents.  We tried multiple covers that either did not protect her bed or were made of material that would make noise every time she moved.  We decided to develop our own dog bed liner.  These liners are made of a soft, quiet, waterproof material.  They are great for keeping your dogs bed clean, dry and lasting longer.  They come in 4 Sizes to fit most dog beds.