3 Fun Apps To Track Your Pets Walk

As temperatures start to rise again, the chances of you getting out and about with your pet arise more frequently. Regardless of the season, it is important that your pet be getting a good amount of exercise, but now that it’s warmer, it’s even more important that you stick to a plan. Here are three apps that we have found to be extremely useful when it comes to tracking your pets walks.


This app is brought to you by Subaru. Tracking the distance and time of each walk with your pet, this app allows for you to break down statistics such as pace, speed and elevation. Along with that, this app also benefits you by showing you the amount of calories that were burnt on the walk.


This app is funded by WoofTrax, Inc. Each time that you take your pet for a walk, the app donates to an animal rescue shelter or rescue of your choice. Make a change each time that you take your pet for a walk while still getting in all of the physical activity that you need.

Family Dog

Family Dog is an app brought to you by Cooply Apps. Unlike the other apps, this one allows for you to track your route, time and distance of the walk, but lets you compete with friends and family that are also walking their pets. Get to the top of the charts by staying consistent!

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