Protecting Your Car From Your Pup This Winter

The holiday season often requires a bit of driving around from one house to the next. Whether you be driving to holiday parties or to the mountain for some weekend mountain adventure’s, it’s likely your dog isn’t staying home the entire time. 4Knines understand the love that you have for your pet, and we understand that you’re likely to bring them around with you this winter. That’s why we designed our dog seat cover made for front and backseats of all makes and models.

You may be wondering why exactly you would benefit from one of the dog seat covers that we provide, especially if you’re accustomed to hauling your pup around all of the time. One of the biggest differences is that it’s winter! Very few of our furry friends can stop themselves from hopping right into the big piles of snow. Each leap picks up leaves, dirt, and leaves their fur soaking wet. While the end results aren’t fantastic, it’s so hard to deny this snowy game to your pup. That’s where 4Knines dog seat cover comes in.

Place our dog seat cover over the front, or back seat of your car. We provide our dog seat covers in colors that will seamlessly mesh with the interior of your car. When you add these durable, yet beautiful covers, you can rest assured that your car seats will be protected from any claws digging into them, any dirt staining them, any hair covering them, or any wet dog smell sticking to them.

While you may not mind having to clean up your pups mess, these dog seat covers will make a huge difference in the amount of time that it takes to keep the interior of your car nice and clean. Browse our selection of seat covers for dogs to find the perfect cover and color for your car.