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Pet Obesity: How to Spot It in Your Dog and Manage It

By JustinPitts. | Activities for Your Dog Dog Info

There are many things you don't think about when picking up a dog from your local breeder or animal shelter. You look online at the newest articles on what to look for but beware, you're always going to miss something.

There is no one quick article you can read over and know every problem your dog might run into, they are just like kids and every situation is unique. This being said I'm going to delve into what has become ubiquitous here in the US. Pet Obesity, Dog's Health and Dog SafetyIn a new study taken in March of 2015 by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention they determined that since 2013 the percentage of obese or overweight dogs in the US has risen from 52% to 53%. The studies have also concluded that instead of an already gruesome 16.7% of clinically obese dogs (30% more mass than ideal body weight)we've grown to 17.6%; but the most eye catching part of this whole study is that 90% of people with obese or overweight dogs don't believe their dog is overweight. This means the US in serious denial, and denial is a very scary thought. Things are only going to get worse until we finally make this an issue worth addressing to the public on a massive scale. There are plenty of steps you can take to fix this problem in your own home. If you feel you might be in denial, go to your vet and find out. If you feel like your vet might be wrong; get a second opinion with another vet and take his advice. Don't you worry though, I'm not going to throw out scary numbers and induce fear and paranoia your dog might be unhealthy without offering some help!

Here's Some Things You Can Do for Your Dog That Might Elevate You Passed This Plateau:

  • Take your dog for a walk or a run (Obvious, I know, but this is important)
  • Dog play time should be mandatory, I would say daily but everyone's situation is different. Instead of pushing yourself too hard to get in 30 minutes of play a day and burning out and quitting completely, you should aim to improve and keep improving slowly as you can. Try to play at least 30 minutes every other day.
  • Change your dog's diet, this doesn't just mean reducing the food in their bowl. This means looking at your dog's food, getting rid of synthetic preservatives and opting for natural preservatives with 20% protein. Avoid giving 5 "cookies" (or biscuits) a day, if your training that's fine, go with training treats instead.
I love dogs, this being said it saddens me to see them put in detrimental situations they have no control over. I have seen first hand the effects of exercise on dog's, including their overall happiness. There is no doubt that exercise releases endorphins which make your dog happy and more apt to listen. The science is in, we just need to spread awareness of it.

Call to Action:

Do you want to help further this cause? If you have any unique ideas please contact me through my website and lets brain storm together. No unique ideas? Doesn't matter, there's still more you can do. Like and share this on as many social media platforms as you can. Let's spread this awareness and bring these numbers down! Source Pet Obesity and Seat Covers: Cargo, Dog Bed Liner, Bed Cover: 30% Off Premim Seat Covers justin_pittsJustin Pitts Justin Pitts is a professional Dog Runner and Blogger (and hand model, true story) living in Chico, Ca. Since 2014 Justin has been running dogs and blogging about his experience. His goal in this industry is reducing the bad health practices so common in dog ownership and to spread awareness of a growing epidemic, both in the US and other countries around the world. With an eye for social media marketing and online presence he has built an audience of loyal followers extending worldwide. Hi, I'm Justin, I'm a simple guy and believe in keeping things transparent and effective, this said, I want to make myself available to any inquiries you might have. My product reviews will get your brand exposure to the right audience.  Check out some of my past reviews, Mighty Paw Running Leash, Zuke's Mini Naturals The Dog Runners newsletter generally goes out twice a month and includes some of my most useful writings. For any inquiries please visit my website at To reach me on Facebook go to To reach me on Twitter go to


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