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Holiday Safety: Training Your Dog to "˜Leave It'

Leave It Command to Train Your DogOne of the biggest concerns families have in relation to their dogs during the holidays is keeping things that don't belong to the dog away from the dog.

  While management in the form of securing hazardous items away from dogs is a good idea, training in addition to management is an added safety and convenience feature. The holiday season brings things in to the environment that dogs have a tendency to want to explore such as decorations, food, and gifts; these things can be more than just a nuisance for your dog to get in to - they can be dangerous. Whether you want to avoid having these things eaten, chewed up, or stolen "“ what you really want is for them to be left alone.

When Teaching "˜Leave It' There Are Two Very Important Things:

  First, "˜leave it' is forever, don't let the dog have the thing it was told to leave alone. Second, do not punish the dog for trying to get the forbidden object; instead reward the dog for leaving it alone. Teaching this cue takes a little bit of patience, a forbidden object, and lots of small rewards. Show your dog the forbidden object, usually a treat, and then close it in your fist so your dog can not get it. Wait patiently until your dog leaves the object alone, even if it is by accident. The first time sometimes takes a while. As soon as your dog leaves the treat alone say "˜good' and give a treat from your other hand. It is important to use both of your hands so the dog does not think it got the forbidden treat. Do this for two or three repetitions. Now, in a neutral tone of voice say "˜leave it' one time and wait until your dog does, then reward saying "˜good'. Resist any urges to discourage your dog from getting the treat, just hold your closed hand in place, wait, and reinforce what you want to see more of. The next step is to open your hand holding the treat in your palm. Say "˜leave it' and praise if your dog leaves it alone offering rewards away from the forbidden item. If your dog does not leave it alone close your hand so it is secure. When you can leave the treat in your open palm it is time for the next step. The next step is to put the treat on the ground. Cover the forbidden treat with your hand or foot and say "˜leave it'. Wait until your dog leaves it alone and praise then reward when it does.

If your dog masters "˜leave it' your dog will no longer be interested in the forbidden treat.

  You can make it harder by uncovering the "˜leave it item', making the forbidden treat more a tempting one, or even practicing with moving objects "“ feel free to get creative. Be sure to practice with your holiday decor and food before the big event so your dog understands that those things are off limits too. Leave It Command and Dog Seat Covers: Cargo, Dog Bed Liner, Bed Cover: 30% Off Premium Seat Covers
krystal ellingsonKrystal Ellingson CDBC CPDT-KSA Krystal Ellingson CDBC CPDT-KSA, is the founder of Speak Dog, the first dedicated "˜positive' dog training company in the Tri-City area where she lives. She is a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant with the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants and a Certified Professional Dog Trainer with both Knowledge and Skill accreditations with the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers along with a list of other credentials, certificates, and affiliations.

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I should have bought these years ago. Easy to use, easy to clean, and tons of headaches saved in trying to keep a blanket or covering on the car seat when taking the dogs on the trails, camping, etc. Highly recommend.

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Love these seat covers.

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I was worried this product might not hold up since one I recently purchased from another company ripped w/in 2 weeks from my 30lb Aussie pulling on it when trying to get into the back. I have been extremely pleased with the XL cargo liner. The straps are much more durable with more stitching and better fabric. I have a 50 lb Border Collie mix and 30 lb Aussie. They have already put the liner to the test!!! I have used it numerous times in the short 2 weeks I have had it. The XL was a great choice for my new 2017 4Runner. It allows me to strap to the front headrests and protect the whole back of the SUV. The skirt protects the bumper. It is too long when I only strap to the middle seats but I just fold under the extra fabric and still have the skirt. I use the full length most of the time and reason I got the XL. The fabric is sturdy and protected the back when the dogs spilled water. So far I have used it to haul bags of topsoil, go on a camping trip and visit family. I purchased the liner mainly to protect the back b/c we have flyball practice every week and tournaments every month. That's a lot of in/out for equipment, doggies and crates. I was very glad to see the edges fold up to protect the wheel wells. I am extremely pleased with this product and sorry I wasted money on my first purchase from other company. I have already recommended the liner to fellow flyball teammates. Shipping was great also. I ordered on a Sunday and it arrived Sat. So far I have just swept the dirt off and used a shop vac. Cleans up well and easy.

Kim W.


Great quality! Absolutely love it!

Lisa M.

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